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Last login on 10 September 2017

AlchiMy Music Trio: Pop-folk, Composers, Songwriters, Singers, First Album: Chercheur d'Or
AlchiMy Is Best Album Akademia Los Angeles-USA Award Winner for the Album: Chercheur d'Or and we will be in the red carpet to received our Award the 20th April 2017
Link to see our Akademia Award :

Hello Dear Beloved AlchiMysters !

Yes absolutely, we have one very, very good news! As you have previously read it, at the end of the recording of our first album: Chercheur d’Or, we have found ourselves musically , therefore our Folk-Fusion English second album will be coming out soon ! How this has arrived is the question which we are going to answer Now! AlchiMy up-coming Fok-Fusion second album will be released in october 2017 with a promotion and Live Tour in Minneapolis because we have been contacted by 2 great producers in Mineapolis to produce our second Folk-Fusion album, to promote the band and to go on a Live Tour. In July 2016, we went for the first time to Minneapolis to meet Owen Sartori and Davide Raso, our producers from F5SoundHouse studio and to record the 4 first songs of our up-coming second album. While recording those 4 first songs, we did two Live performances, one radio interview with KFAI Radio Minneapolis and some interviews in Locals and National magazines. We will be back to record the last 6 songs of this album in April 2017 and to do 1 or 2 Live Concerts ! Then we will come back again in October 2017 for the released of the album and to do a Live Tour !
With Owen Sartori and Davide Raso, our producers from F5Soundhouse Studio we found a home and a safe place to express all of our creativity! We truly do believe in those 2 men and the musicians we are working with! These musicians and produceurs team will be playing on our second album and also on the Live performances in USA.
Isn’t it a Great thing !!! One doesn't change a team that wins!
AlchiMy Songwriters are:
Loane: Founder, leader and Lead vocal, Multi- instrumentalist composer and songwriter,
Nathalie: Founder, leader and lead vocal, vocals melodies composer and songwriter,
Céline: Founder, leader and lead vocal, vocal arrangements.
The Great Teams are:
Dani Palou i Rbubio on Drums and Percussions
Cody MCKINNEY on Bass Guitar
Karl Koopman on Electric Guitar
Rob Meany on Keyboard
Zak River onn Cello
Owen Sartory Sound engineer, Producer and second Acoustic Guitar
Davide Raso Sound engineer, Producer, and Tour Manager

, Suisse