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Clint House Burn

Blank Blank Blank Blank


Blank Blank Blank Blank


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Blank Blank Blank Blank


Clint House Burn

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Blank Blank Blank Blank


Clint house burn’s first album « familiarity breeds contempt » was recorded at the Dug-Out Studio in Sweden and produced by Danne Bergstrand. After its release, Clint went on an European Tour ( Italy : Biohazard, Metallica, Overkill - Germany, Czech Republic, Belgium, Turkey, Switzerland, Austria ) Many other gigs followed with Clutch, Transport League, Pleymo, 24-7 spyz, Scarve. Clint arose with a new line-up in 2005 with a new singer and a new guitar player. It was the time to smash up again ad ...

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Blank Blank Blank Blank


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Blank Blank Blank Blank

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  • Img_0993
    DISBLOW - 10.02.2009

    Hi! The new album " Crown Without Mind " in store now !!!
    We search shows in German Parts,if you're interreste you can send an email to
    Stay tuned and keep on rocking !!!!
    Hello ! On vient de sortir notre album " Crown Without Mind " !!! Quelques songs sont en ligne sur notre page...
    Nous recherchons des dates en Romandie et Suisse Allemande, vous pouvez nous envoyer un mail à
    Keep on rocking!!!!

  • bobby - 08.02.2008

    Coucou bande de pedzouilles

  • The good - 12.11.2007

    Salut les cowboy moi c'est Wayne

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