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  • Draven Enslaved

    Hey, I'm a fellow techno artist and I've just uploaded some new songs to my account, if you have the time to check out my new songs I would really appreciate it! Keep up the good work! Peace!

  • Jesse Brown

    Hello Dj 2 Dl!!!!!
    How are you? i just saw you have wrote a comment to one of my songs, but it was like 1 or 2 years ago.. :O) i wanted to thank you by writing you this message. your music is also very cool and very danceable!! i like it very much! :O) i hope u have success in everything you do. Theres another reason why i write you. i saw your profilephoto and i thought that you look very much like a businessman. i am also one and because i know that musicians need to be crazy, i think that you would be perfect to do this business!!! it really changed my life and so it will change yours too!!! :O) i would get to know you better so my idea is to have a skype conference today. it would be cool if you could send me your Skype address and then i add you to my contacts and get in touch with you. it would be kind if you would write me back and i wish you all the best.
    Kind Regards
    Jesse Brown

  • Palace

    Liebe elektronische Musikerfinder/innen! Palace hat endlich ein eigenes Label! Jährlich werden wir nun mehrmals Tracks veröffentlichen welche auf den wichtigsten online Portalen erhältlich sind (u.a Amazon, Beatport, DJ Shop, DJ Tunes, Traxsource). Möchtest Du schon lange einer Deiner Tracks releasen? Dann melde Dich bei mir! Liebe Grüsse, Daniela

  • Celeste Blu

    Hallo Zusammen :D

    Bitte voted auf diesem Link für "Celeste Blu".
    Vielen herzlichen Dank :)

  • Celeste Blu

    Coole Sound! :)

    Losed doch mal bi eus ine, würd eus freue! :D

  • Santazium

    Tu as vraiment des sons Extras!!! Excellent!!! :))

  • Maurizio Leonardi

    very nice!

  • DJ K4IL3R 7

    hey there
    i've my new track finished->listen!

  • Lab Of Music

    Hey thaks for the comment :)


  • Johnny Feyd

    Hot sounds here...
    Full moon part one is my favorite.

  • Grilled Elephant

    Hoi zämä,

    unsere 1. CD ist ab sofort erhältlich, auf ITunes oder unserer Homepage (Lieferung direkt nach Hause). Hört doch bei ITunes mal rein, würde uns freuen :-)

  • Samuel Hirt

    Like your sound, keep on pushing :-)

  • Major Town

    Hello! Fais toi produire ton nouvel album par les internautes en Suisse sur! A bientôt

  • ADN

    Salut 2DL bien cool tes morceaux !
    bravo !!

  • DJ KAY

    Sounds interesting, kind of underground vibes. Rock on!
    DJ KAY

  • DJ KAY

    Sounds interesting, kind of underground vibes! Aock on!
    DJ Kay

  • Flyingpépé

    Merci prendrais le temps d'écouter ta miouse dès que j'aurais fini de batailler à organiser mes morceaux par anné manque l'info, mais ça viendra !

  • Peril A Risk

    Yeah. Sounds great! Rock on! Greez PAR

  • Arkatronix

    Merci beaucoup!

  • Major Town

    Do you produce your album by Internet on


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