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  • MusicNet 2014


    MusicNet – the Swiss Music Fair taking place in Lugano from 17 to 19 January 2014 for the 5th year in a row – will have a large exposition area dedicated to agencies, labels, music and instruments shops, bands and sound and video services as well as an intense and varied programme of events and concerts.

    As users - as you might have read in MX3’s latest newsletter - you are entitled to a special 10% discount on a booth at the MusicNet Fair and – this week only – to the exemption from the payment of the CHF 200 registration fee (offer applicable only to booths of at least 6 m2).

    You are interested and you would like more information?
    Visit our website musicnet.ch or write us at: musicnet@luganonetwork.ch

    Thank you and looking forward to hear from you soon!

    The MusicNet team

  • Kristina Rösch

    I have a very big talent and a special voice. I composed a really great song "Take a deep breath". Please believe it and check it:

  • OWY

    Enjoy my new songs now!

    >> OWY

  • Elena & Jorge

    Dear Sir and Madam,

    I am a composer and interpret wishing to get in touch with labels, studios, interpreters, producers of theatre or cinema that need original music.

    We have 2 pages on the Internet with my friend and singer Elena under the name of « Elena & Jorge » on both mx3.ch et YouTube. There you can listen and download 15 original and very different titles (links here below).



    We also highly appreciate constructive comments and opinions, allowing us to improve our work.

    Thank you for your attention and best regards.

    Jorge Torres Molinero

  • Nat

    Salut à tous!

    Profitez! en novembre -20% sur la réalisation d'un clip chez Bahyse Pictures :) Nous réalisons également des clips promotionnels et filmons vos concerts.

    N'hésitez pas!



    Hello to all the team!
    We are Evolve a group of progressive metal in the region of Montreux.

    After Metalcamp in Slovenia, Rock Oz Arenes and Long'I'Rock we are looking for dates for 2010/2011.

    You will find all our news and our media on: http://www.myspace.com/evolveworld
    If interested contact us at:
    Email: evolveworld@gmail.com
    We will gladly send you our press book.
    We take you know that we rank in the Transitmag month of June
    Have a good day to all the pleasure of meeting you.

  • http://www.huiracom.com

    Vous avez un Groupe
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    Vous avez une Tournée
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    Nous vous aidons à créer votre Buzzz....
    Magazine de musique Gratuit
    100'000 ex papier
    France – Belgique
    Québec - Suisse



    We press Cheap and ultra-professional CDS & Dvds….for example : 500 CDS with cristal box and booklet 4 sides for only 670€ !, 1000 Digipacks for 1220 €

    All prices at : http://www.hurricaneentertainment.com
    Thanks to have read me ,

    I hope to read you soon ,

  • Zamizuts

    Salut !
    Exporateurs acharnés de la chanson à texte et de la scène cherchent un tourneur pour jouer, jouer, et jouer… et un label pour enregistrer notre deuxième cd !


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