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  • MEE

    Cool stuff! Schaut doch mal bei MEE vorbei, bin dankbar für jeden comment, ob positiv oder negativ, man will sich ja schliesslich wieterentwickeln...

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  • Darth Codex

    Good Vibes ! Keep "Hangin'" on !

  • Virus of the Cactus

    Miar hend en neua Track online!
    Losend mal ina und schriebend üs es Feedback!
    Mfg chris

  • perce oreille

    hello.... very pace end beautiful songs....thanks
    it's possible to contact me at the adress....
    for playing in my association.... thanks

  • jmc1 they are on mx3 festival page,the place is really peacefull!
    Kelten festival is nice too..
    let me tell you..there is so many festivals right here in switzerland!
    what more,check

  • jmc1

    noway,but maybe on a festival in switzterland..Montreux..Heitere..keltenfest..Paléo??

  • jmc1

    I dont' know... but i know you.
    big up:)

  • jmc1

    Yeah Bro

    I know you,but i dont' know from where..
    can you tell me where we meet?
    I think it was on a festival...
    whatever so cool your style, the hang hold you in another dimension;feel calm...good for meditation..
    peacefull brother,nice to see you again.
    Jmc from Jahmangang

  • Fleur

    OMG i love your music, it's so new, so different, it makes me feel like i'm in a different place.
    I love it! (and i love you^^)
    You will achieve great things when you believe in yourself!
    Kus, bsx Fleur

  • The Soul

    Welcome to the SOul's Dimension!

    Leave your feedback so that I am able to get even better!
    Invite your friends to visit my page! Become a member of the Family of the Soul. There are 1000 people in the World that are already a part of the world of the Soul! Become one yourelf ;)!
    Peace with your soul!

    The Soul


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