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Added on 1 October 2021

California Rain
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Mickey Mess
mickey mess, sex, jenny

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Mixed, mastered and produced at Mickey Mess Studios, Switzerland

Now Jenny come and cry
Into my shoulders
Before you die
From this pain inside your heart

I know just how feel
There’s nothing you can do
Just hold on
It’s not your fault
It’s just the way life is

And it seems like all your love was wasted needlessly
And it hurts all so much
Breaking your broken heart again
Now who are your friends

Jenny come and cry
Into my shoulders
I’ll tell you why
Your pain will one day fly away

Remember years ago
You did nothing wrong
Just cry on
Cause no few words
Could heal your heart


Just take a breath and say a prayer
Take my hand
Together we will walk
Into a land where tears are golden

And why your love has found no home
The wise don’t even know
This lonely heart surrenders all
For the one who knows true love
Until that day, Jenny cry and dream

Now Jenny come and cry
A little longer…. for just a little while

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