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NAKED with only a guitar

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Added on 10 October 2021

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the guitar, william pitt's folk truth, home made, unplugged

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Many thanks to mjk @ Phoenix Media Forge Studios for this mix :-)
This is a simple song about me. And maybe you, too.
When you really hear the voice of your acoustic guitar and can connect YOUR voice to it, something magical and unexplainable happens. And it’s enough, even more than enough. And then when you share this magic with someone else in a good acoustic environment, you don’t need microphones, reverb and speakers, etc.; the air you’re breathing can carry the messages of your heart to the hearts of the others. I call this “naked music” because it’s not all dressed-up with other sounds, however wonderful they may be. It’s primitive, simple, down-home, elemental and you have to be honest with yourself and towards the others to get it across…

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