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Added on 19 October 2021

Rescue Pack
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The debut album “Rescue Pack” is a grandiose mix of shoegaze-ish post rock, ambient and experimental electronics reminiscing of the likes of Sigur Ros, Ben Frost, De La Mancha, and in some special moments, Radiohead. Inspired by the rough landscapes and unrestrained forces of nature found in both Switzerland and Iceland, the epic songs tell of the healing power behind nature as well as music, a feature which unites the two in a unique way. After having said all that, it may come as no surprise that the album was masterered by Icelands sfinest, Birgir Jón Birgirsson, who has been the sound engineer mastermind behind virtually all of Icelandic music and beyond, spanning artists like Sóley, Sigur Rós or Samaris, but also including the likes of Julianna Barwick or Efterklang. The ten songs of “Rescue Pack” tell a story that is both emotionally engaging, full of passion and always surprising in the way in which it conveys.

All songs written and produced by Emmanuel De La Paix. Mixed and mastered by Birgir Jón Birgirsson at Sundlaugin, Álafoss, Iceland. Original artwork by Isabelle Droz.
Published by Broque Records. www.broque.de

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