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Added on 25 November 2021

Majestic Mind Safari Show
Year of creation
hiphop, electronic, outsidermusic, solitarydances, left-field electronica, avant-pop, pop, idm

Credits and thanks

Giacomo Carlone for helping mixes and arrangements, VFBM for the final mix/master, Caterina Gobbi for reading me first, Giulio Vescovi aka for the logo,
 Davide Serpetti for portraying Slon and making me feel more DiCaprio, Mara Micciché for making me be more me-ish, Marco Proserpio for the freestyle soul, Mattia Turco-Nicola J. Campana-Alcide for the Bollywood vibes, Carlotta Lamendola for giving birth to Slon's green face.
To the city of Zürich for supporting my music.

And to –OUS for adopting Slon.

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