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O la Mer

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Added on 9 July 2022


"O la Mer" was written on the way to the French Atlantic coast. As a surfer, I go there every year. When I'm by the sea, I just feel at home - I love the salty air and the feeling of being carried by the waves. The decision to write the song in French gives it a soft touch while keeping it light and airy. It's a song for travelers and lovers of the sea.

Year of creation
Giulia Gasser, Wanja Gasser
france, ticino, graubünden, drums, acoustic guitar, bass, french, skate, surf, summer, ocean, folk, indie, acoustic

Credits and thanks

© all rights reserved Julie Fox

written by Giulia Gasser
produced by Carmen Fenk
main vocal Giulia Gasser
backing vocals Amos Eicher, Giulia Gasser
drums Joshua Bergamin
bass Pascal Sambalé
mixed by Carmen Fenk
mastered by Dan Suter (echochambers)

32 plays