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Mighty Grapevine

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Added on 23 May 2022

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Die grosse Rebe auf der Terrasse meiner Liebsten ist faszinierend. Aus dem Nichts, von dürr auf fruchtig im saisonalen Takt. Jetzt schlägt sie grad grün aus - und ich auf Saiten, Tasten und Recording Buttons.

MIGHTY GRAPEVINE Cut the twigs back - to let new shoots develop

A bone dry tree - seemingly dead, mmh Oh my, oh mighty grapevine I know you love the rainy wintertime
A climbing species - 50 feet above the roots They pump life to the trunk to the arms to the canes to the Heart shaped leaves
To soon go boom bloom and carry the berry fruit Oh my, oh, oh my mighty grapevine
I see you like it better, the hot summer weather - as I do Ooh ooh ooh, Oh my, mighty grapevine

Mmh, adorable you, shelter me with overhanging green Cover us with plenty of purple clusters of grapes - so sweet
A disaster on the patio - get back, bird attack! Oh my! Mighty grapevine - mighty grapevine Oh, my my, mighty grapevine
As every year - you bloom and fade, it’s natural law Oh my fantastic, my my, mighty grapevine Powerful and crazy, astonishing strong, skinny tall sturdy plant
Oh yeah, I heard it through you! My, my, my my mighty grapevine

I Imagine guitars growing between your grapes, in different shapes and colors, a melodic embrace for us lovers and many others

27 plays