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I Finally Found Someone

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Cover song from the film "The Mirror has Two Faces", from the up coming album "As Time Goes By" by Aventia Crooners. www.aventiacrooners.ch https://www.instagram.com/aventiacroo... Set your heart on a cultural event of contemporary art at the highest- level. Together with a symphony orchestra and choir, popular film tunes are performed with unique emotional expressiveness by outstanding vocal artists in English, French, Italian and Spanish. Well-known melodies were rearranged in perfect balanced harmony between music and film. The orchestration of the melodies includes a large format video installation reproducing the corresponding movie moments. 75 years of movie history between 1935 and 2010, particularly addressing a culture and music loving audience.
As Time Goes By
Year of creation
Jason Seref
orchestra, philarmonic, film score, barbara streisand, aventia, daniela simmons, soundtrack, filmmusic, avenches

Credits and thanks

Produced by Atilla Sereftug
with the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra.

Singers: Daniela Simmons, Ricardo Sanz, Aydin Kahya
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Relief Studio CH
Sound Engineer: Erik Zobler

Video Director/Editor: Jason Seref

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