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Added on 13 January 2019

mouvement du sentiment
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watch the official video : https://youtu.be/idhBNQnjC2E

The core of this track was started few years ago in Bristol, Barnaby's living room, on iMaschine for iPad, sketched in 30 minutes or so I think. That initial idea is the beat we can hear at the end after Alan Watts inspiring words.

If you wonder who's talking in the intro, it's Richard Linklater, a guy who makes films and has a huge influence since 2013 (again, props to Barnaby Carter for introducing me to the man). Listen to the full inspiring interview here : http://youtu.be/T6t_f_aWd_4

It's not mastered, so you might feel that it's less loud than the rest, which is cool. I work carefully on the mixing, it's important to me to keep the dynamics and not over-compress it (or at all). It's made mainly with my pair of headphones, so it's better when enjoyed on proper headphones, in silence.

"[...] you have to get away from your parents before you can move on, and really start thinking for yourself [...]" – Richard Linklater

"[...] the indoctrination of our public education, that's the biggest thing to rebel against [...]" – Richard Linklater

"what would you like to do if money were no object? how would you really enjoy spending your life?" – Alan Watts

Trumpet : Théophile Blanchon
Words of Wisdom : Richard Linklater
Words of Wisdom : Alan Watts

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