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Added on 13 January 2019

mouvement du sentiment
Year of creation
Eclectic Soul

Credits and thanks

The arrangement of this track is based on 'Romare - Down The Line'.

I used mainly loops and samples from Apple Loops for Garage Band, mixed with many recordings I did with my Yamaha Pocketrak.

We made a kind of short documentary film for this one : https://youtu.be/qoNlNIV0_8o

“La battaglia è sempre per lo stesso motivo... che si combatte...per l’amore. Quindi io credo, nelle mie canzoni, in qualsiasi canzone, di aver parlato sempre d’amore. Anche se ho parlato del cemento, del verde, così, in quel momento per me era una canzone d’amore."
– Adriano Celentano

"Patience is the key to success”
– Tigger Da Author

Intro talk : Adriano Celentano
Vox Samples : Tigger Da Author (sampled his track 'Gone' though the upright bass comes from Apple Loops for Garage Band)

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