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A1. j'essaie de vivre (ST.LAB002)

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Added on 17 June 2019

les mains entres deux chaises
Year of creation
drm1 mk3, ms20, analog synth, techno, acid

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"les mains entre deux chaises" marks the second release from Swiss artist Mr.Doe. The story is taking place right after his last EP "virée nocturne" and invite listeners to introspection through the first track "j'essaie de vivre" - I try to live - where the artist, trapped in a room, tries to understand what he's doing. A reflexion that brings to the next track "prends ma main, on y va" - take my hand, let's go - where the man behind the mask finally decide to go forward and forget about its doubts and social pressure.

While the first song is a self-listening track that invites people to dive into their own thoughts, the second one is a floor oriented song that aims to bring ravers together and let them share a connected moment. This two 100% analog tracks, composed with raw, unperfect and handcrafted sound, will surely find a place at any time in a set with their own song signature.

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