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Added on 8 October 2019

Go Go Go On!
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Ambulance Recordings
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There are these moments in life when everything grows over your head and you just do not know how to continue. A broken relationship, the loss of a loved one, the absence of a life task, or you are suddenly gripped without reason by a great void. Everything important suddenly becomes unimportant. Standstill. The life energy is dwindling and passivity is spreading. You do not feel anything anymore. You keep trying, but you just can not make it. But time is your friend. At some point, hope and faith will gain the upper hand. Somehow, you suddenly manage it anyway. And you wait for it to start all over again.


I’m on hold
stand-by time
I'm on hold
no rocks to climb
and my soul
struck but brave
there ain't nothing
left to save

I've got no more sorrow
I've got no more pain

it’s the end
no return
no need to suffer
I need to learn
as time goes by
my soul will heal
my mind will rise
roll like a wheel

Song taken from Album "Go Go Go On!"
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Song recorded & mastered @ Foodcorner Studio by Lukas Speissegger: http://www.speissegger.ch

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