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Northern Lights

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Added on 8 November 2019

True North
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Northern Lights - A song to practice compassion

8 November, singer and songwriter, Ingeborg releases her debut single “Northern Lights“. With the release, Ingeborg officially starts the countdown towards the release of her debut EP True North in January 2020.

About Northern lights:
The EP True North consists of 4 songs, of which Northern Lights is the debut single. Northern Lights is about holding space for each other. We all have our challenges in life, and each person deals with them in their own way. This might be difficult at times, because we might be struggling to understand the pain. We can't fix our loved ones, but we can be with them without judgment. Donate our ears and heart without wanting anything back. We can practice empathy and compassion. Accept someone's truth, no matter where they are in life.

Writing this song as part of my EP has been an amazing journey. Knowing I had to face some challenges myself, life isn't flawless, but that makes it even more interesting. The challenges haven't stopped me. Because so many beautiful people in my life are supporting me, by holding space for me. Thank you for your trust, and knowing we'll figure things out somehow!

Ingeborg wrote and composed „Northern Lights“ at home on her piano, before she took the song into the studio to produce it together with her production team in Switzerland UK and Stockholm. The song already gained significant awareness and recognition from the music industry as Ingeborg reached the semi finals of the ‘Unsigned only’ music competition 2019, leaving over 5000 participants behind. Northern Lights has been produced by Ingeborg Oosterhuis (vocals, lyrics, composition), Alex Wilson (Soundscapes, piano and synths), Marque Gilmore (Beats, drums and sonic magic) vocals recorded by Cameron van As, Mixed by Alex Mullarkey, and mastered by Gordon Gidluck at Gidluck Mastering. Vocal pre-production done with LA vocal pre-producer Brad Chapman.

Northern lights is available in the online stores and streaming services.

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