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vibe (Lyric Video)

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Added on 26 March 2020

Lyric Video from our new single "vibe".
Year of creation
Nicola Holenstein
moog, korg, nordstage, st. gallen, ostschweiz, band, female vocal, synthesizer, synthpop, video clip, ava, lars christen, lars the music guy, nicola holenstein, andy schwendener, kim lemmenmeier, electro pop, pop, swiss artist, lyrics, lyric video, vibe, we are ava

Credits and thanks

"vibe" written and composed by WE ARE AVA & Lars Christen.
produced, mixed and engineered by Lars The Music Guy.
mastered by Chris Athens.

lyric video produced by WE ARE AVA.
cover photographer: Giulessa Photography.
light: Jan Lemmenmeier.

© WE ARE AVA 2020
Nicola Holenstein, Kim Lemmenmeier and Andy Schwendener

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