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MISS C-LINE - Veins (Outro)

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Electro, ambient
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Added on 13 October 2020

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saxophone, jazz, missc-line, veins, surreal, 2020, album, outro, electronics, hiphop, ambient

Credits and thanks

From the Debut Album "Surreal" by MISS C-LINE. Published on October 10th 2020.

Recorded, produced, written and mixed by MISS C-LINE
Mastered by Rob Viso
Artwork by MUUD

Track list of the album:
01. Saftey
02. Surreal
03. Sunrise
04. New Start feat. PHSE SHFT
05. Toxic
06. Veins
07. Veins (Outro)
08. Dear People feat. Jay Jules
09. Shine

Special thanks to Lisa Studer who played Tenorsaxophone on Safety, Sunrise, New Start, Veins, Veins (Outro), Dear People and Shine. Joel Studler who played Drums on Safety and Eric Valle who played Drums on Surreal, Sunrise and Shine.

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