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Added on 2 November 2020

Smoke and Mirrors is an eclectic collection of 12 original songs that showcase Hyde Out’s varied influences and creative directions. Individual songs concepts are inspired by selected moments of everyday lives, small realisations and decisions about our relationships with the people and situations that surround us. The album starts with “Alive”, which sets the mood with its distinctive guitar-intro that develops into a hymn of defiance against resignation and apathy. It continues with the commuter’s elegy of “Wide and Bright”, with its warm vocal harmonies and haunting chorus. It then transitions into the upbeat lightness of “Move it”, and then “Ode to J”, a tongue-in-cheek, pop-folk piece that raises a middle-finger to the exploiters in our lives. Then come the sarcasm and satirical reproaches of “Welcome”, and the raw and primal rhythms of “Smoke and Mirrors”, which denounces the complacency of everyday fakeness. “Make my day” is a sympho-pop ode to isolation, with both bright and dark edges. With “Fluent in Silence” the duo explores the depths of conflict and broken relationships through a classic rock anthem, and shift the album’s tone to a more introspective mood. This continues with “Meadvale Road”, with its intricate guitar and mandolin riffs and intense lyrics. Then the alt-country-rock inspired “Island Sunshine” is meant to make you smile again, with its guitar licks and jaunty vocal harmonies. This is followed by a contemplative and guitar-lead “Derelict”, a prog-rock interlude that finds beauty in the bleakness of a pandemic-evacuated London. The album concludes with the electro-rock song “This looks like”, an explosive and rather experimental piece about rebellion against shallow friendships and the beauty that may be found in the simplest things. The album does not necessarily attempt to find a uniform musical imagery, instead aiming to elevate the uniqueness of each song-concepts with its own sound, providing the listener with an eclectic experience and a melodic, accessible journey through different sounds and moods.
Smoke and mirrors
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Toxic Fumes Records
Omar Merlo
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