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    • Vane



      schöne töne!

    • climbing tree

      great !

    • Lio Apprentice BeatMaker

      nice song

    • Dale Hauskins: L.A.Kalifornischer lead/rhythm gitarristen

      Sali talented Pamela from this Los Angeles Kalifornischer gitarristen!

      Immer keep up original vibzzz!

      Reggae pop hiphop jazz-rock Californian lead/rhythm GUITARIST:Available-Verfügbar to join-work with band or artist in Deutschland,Schweiz und auch Österrreich,Europe and worldwide in 2011-2012.
      (Valid US passport)

      ☆ Works,Discographies + Tours ☆

      Heinz Affolter
      Pato Banton(2001-2002 Tour)
      John Wolf-Brennan
      Flame Dream (Luzern progressive rock band,6 LPs Vertigo,Phonogram records)
      Fully Fullwood(Bob Marley/Peter Tosh/Soul Syndicate)
      Pit Furrer (Luzern schlagzeuglehrer)
      Joe Higgs(the father of reggae)
      Majek Fashek "Little Patience"(2005 CD 1998-2005 Tours)
      Jah Mex "Firm Soundation" CD 2009
      Micah Nyne (FreeStyle Fellowship) Mikah 9 "Citrus Sessions" CD 2006
      Beth Preston "Inside Fire" CD 2008
      Scientist "DUB 911" CD 2006
      Fredy Studer (Luzern schlagzeuglehrer)
      Tippa Irie (1997-2005 Tours)
      Charlie Weibel ((Luzern schlagzeuglehrer)
      Also more works/performances+ recordings with African,Hawaiian,Caribbean,Swiss,European,
      international and American artists-musicians.

      Tschüß,Glückwünsche Pamela im 2011 & 1Love zämeee!

      ☮★♫♪♫♪•☮♥ *•.¸❤¸.♪¨*♥•*¨♪♫♫♪*•☮.¸❤¸.•*★☮


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