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The Night Is Still Young

Exactly eight months after the release of his debut album "King of the Bees" comes the second album by Marco Naef, aka "The Night Is Still Young." The release of that first album after over ten years of work seems to have unleashed a surge of creativity – even if the title of the new album might suggest otherwise: "Universal Boundaries" (16,11,2018). His concerns with the man-made constraints and routines that establish boundaries for us as individual beings have not discouraged Naef but encouraged him and propelled him to produce a successor in the same year as his debut. This is the pinnacle of a very productive year for him, with the release of four recordings (with three bands) in twelve months: Don‘t Kill The Beast's "Cupid Bite"; The Night Is Still Young's "King Of The Bees"; KaxXxor's "The Glory Hazz"; and The Night Is Still Young's `Universal Boundaries`.

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