Legal terms of use for mx3.ch online services

General information

  1. As from February 1 2009, the music platform mx3.ch is managed by the company mxlab AG, of which TELVETIA SA (a subsidiary of SRG SSR) holds 51% stake, while SUISA and the Swiss Interpreters Society (SIG) each hold 24.5%.
  2. From December 16 2012 onwards, as agreed with SRF, the mx3.ch platform takes over the video service originally offered by SF on its platform MyStage namely: the provision of an interface where artists can upload their videos as well as hosting and delivery of online music videos, in order to facilitate HD broadcasting via - among others - the system Roboclip. The users who were simultaneously holding an mx3- as well as a myStage-Account and will see their - previously on the site MyStage visible - videos transferred to the website mx3.ch. They are free to remove them if they prefer not to take advantage of this service.
  3. As of April 1, 2017 the music platform mx3.ch is managed by SRF on behalf of SSR and mxlab AG, which is currently being wound up.
  4. As of April 1, 2017 the platform mx3.ch takes over the audio services originally offered by the SSR channels on the vxm.ch platform, as requested by SRF Musikwelle. These include the provision of an interface for the upload of audio files in order to make the broadcasting the represented artists. The data of the vxm.ch accounts will be transferred onto volksmusik.mx3.ch, namely MX3 Volksmusik - and managed by SRF. Users are free to delete their profiles if they do not wish to use this service.
  5. As of June 1, 2022 the mx3.ch music platform is managed by SRG SSR.
  6. The music offered on the platform mx3.ch is the work of Swiss - or in Switzerland living- artists.

§ 1 Applicability

These Conditions of Use govern the use of all mx3.ch online services provided by SRG SSR. The Conditions of Use apply to users ("Users") of both openly accessible and registration-only online services from mx3.ch.

§ 2 Liability and indemnity

  1. SRG SSR bears no liability for the content published by the User on mx3.ch. This applies in particular to music tracks, pictures, videos and lyrics. SRG SSR accepts no liability for the content and proper functioning of third-party websites to which mx3.ch is connected via links or tools.
  2. SRG SSR is not liable for the server and content being available at all times, neither is it liable for the uninterrupted functioning of mx3.ch online services. SRG SSR accepts no liability for the proper functioning and compatibility of the User's hardware. The User is themselves responsible for the hardware they use. SRG SSR does not offer any form of technical support in connection with the use of mx3.ch online services.
  3. The data stored by the User in their account is backed up regularly by SRG SSR. Should data nonetheless be lost, SRG SSR will make every effort to restore the status that existed prior to the data loss. No obligation exists in this regard, however. SRG SSR accepts no liability for the loss of data and/or for other losses incurred by the User in connection with the use of mx3.ch online services.
  4. The User is obliged to indemnify SRG SSR against any and all liability and all obligations, expenses and claims that arise as a result of losses (including third-party and consequential losses) incurred by mx3.ch owing to the content published by the User on mx3.ch. This applies in particular to cases of defamatory remarks, slander, and violations of personal and intellectual property rights or other rights. The User bears the attendant costs of appropriate legal defence and prosecution of third parties.

§ 3   Registration and treatment of personal data

  1. In registering for the mx3.ch online services, the User chooses their own user name and password. They are obliged to keep this login data secret and not make it available to third parties. The User is responsible for all actions undertaken using their login data.
  2. The User undertakes that the personal data they enter are complete and true. Incomplete registration and untrue information will result in the User being rejected. The User is obliged to keep their personal data up to date. Any changes to address details (moving home, new e-mail, etc.) must be made immediately. SRG SSR reserves the right to delete incorrect information. Such deletion does not place SRG SSR under any obligation whatsoever to pay damages.
  3. The User declares their consent to their data being registered and stored electronically at SRG SSR. No data will be passed on to third parties without the consent of the User. The User nonetheless acknowledges and agrees that publicly visible data are made available to third parties and their websites. The User also accepts the risk that data transmitted via the internet may be read without authorisation by third parties. The User who makes music or video available via the mx3.ch music platform further acknowledges and agrees that their personal data may be made available to radio and TV broadcasters who are clients of SRG SSR.
  4. Should SRG SSR find that mx3.ch online services are being used in a manner that contravenes user obligations, SRG SSR may disclose the data of the User who is suspected of abuse to the competent authority, and may also inform the police and/or any other competent authority about the incident.

§ 4 Responsibility of the User

  1. The User is responsible for the content that they themselves publish on mx3.ch. SRG SSR does not check the content made available via mx3.ch online services.
  2. The User undertakes specifically not to publish any content which contravenes applicable Swiss legislation and/or infringes third-party rights. The User is liable to pay damages (including consequential and third-party loss) should they fail to comply with this obligation,
  3. Furthermore, the User must refrain in particular from offering, or providing links to, the following content:
    • Content which is regarded generally and, in the final instance as decided by SRG SSR, as obscene, insulting, defamatory, objectionable, pornographic, offensive, racist, xenophobic or otherwise reprehensible;
    • Content which might harm the image of SRG SSR or mx3.ch;
    • Content which constitutes advertising for third-party companies, or content advertising sexual services, text message or MMS services, personal loans, medicines, alcohol or tobacco;
    • Content which might harm others, such as viruses, trojans, spyware, phishing mails or instructions on how to produce such content.
  4. SRG SSR is authorised at any time to block the User's account, as well as all content published by them on mx3.ch, or to delete content published by them, without stating its reasons and without complying with any notice periods. This applies in particular in case of the User's failure to comply with the obligations set out above. Such violations may also have consequences for the User themselves under civil or criminal law.

§ 5 Copyright

  1. The User grants SRG SSR all copyrights and related protective rights required to use the content published by the User on mx3.ch, and assures SRG SSR that they are authorised by third parties (e.g. musicians, recording label and photographers, actors, directors) to release that content. Rights exercised by performing rights societies such as SUISA and/or performers' association are reserved.
  2. The User may download content from mx3.ch for their own private use, provided the content has been released for download by the users who have made it available on mx3.ch. Any other, specifically commercial use, including the issue of an audio or AV compilation of files downloaded from the mx3.ch database, or offering such files on internet file-sharing sites, is forbidden.
  3. The music and videor made available by users on mx3.ch may be broadcast by radio and TV broadcasters that are clients of SRG SSR. The User consents to such promotion even if their music and/or video has not yet been published and, in particular, if it has. Such radio and TV broadcasts (and thus the music tracks  and videos played during them) may also be made available as podcasts, even if the User who uploaded the music/video deactivated the download option.

§ 6 Changes to the Conditions of Use and online services of mx3.ch

SRG SSR may amend and/or extend these Conditions of Use at any time. SRG SSR further reserves the right to amend, interrupt or temporarily or permanently suspend mx3.ch online services. Such action does not give rise to any claims for damages or other guarantee claims on the part of the User.

§ 7 Applicable law and place of jurisdiction

The sole place of jurisdiction is Bern, Switzerland. Swiss law applies.

Last amended: June 2022