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Mojito Stage

From the experience of 25 editions of Palco ai Giovani a new event, open to the whole country, is born!
Two evenings and three stages to illustrate the most lively and surprising Swiss music scene.

Artists of origin but also of age and heterogeneous paths will meet in Lugano, illustrating the contemporary Swiss music scene and aiming to relate to a wider context beyond the Swiss borders.
The aim of La Quairmesse is to encourage the development of a creative context in the musical sphere through the exchange between linguistic regions, while giving an important national visibility to the local scene.
We want to enhance the creative force present throughout Switzerland by putting it in touch during two days of concerts, triggering new stimuli and unexpected points of contact.
The entire schedule and lineup will be announced in April and will be defined by the artistic direction starting from the registrations and a series of invitations. Every evening there will be places for artists from Italian-speaking Switzerland.

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Piazza Manzoni, Rivetta Tell, Mojito


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