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Jane in flames

With her unmistakable voice, Jane in flames makes music for the heart. "Music is my passion, with my melodies and lyrics I want to touch you and show you how beautiful it is and how good it does when you follow your heart," says the young Swiss artist.

That you can move mountains with love and heart blood, you notice at Jane in flames' performances, where she invites you into her world with her natural charisma and with a smile on her face.

The idea behind the Living Room Concerts is that we want to bring the concerts back to their roots. No spectacular shows, no enhancer, no disturbing talks at the concert, no overpriced tickets.

Before the concert as usual, we will be a potluck dinner. That means that everyone is invited to bring some (homemade) food to share with the other people who attend.

5pm - 7pm Meet awesome people and fill your belly with delicious food at the potluck dinner.

7pm - 9pm Dive into the beauty of this intimate concert in our living room.

To support the musician on their path in life, we kindly ask you to give from CHF 15.- to CHF 20.- in Cash (depending on your financial situation) on the event.

PS: There will be attendees who are mask-exempt. Therefore, please only participate if you can handle it.

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Living Room Concert
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