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7 Vibes Journey im Hive | Vision Edition

Our next magical journey is called “Vision” and it will take place on Wednesday evening October 27th at the Hive. Experience 7 Vibes Journey together with hundreds of new friends, music lovers, dancers, party goers and mindfulness seekers in the heart of Zurich. We respect our body, mind and our surroundings. We love creating meaningful experiences and sharing unforgettable moments. We lose ourselves together in a journey of multifaceted music and movement. We are Travellers!

Line up
1. FLOAT - 18:00
> SoulMate
- Live body painting
- Opening meditation
2. EXPLORE - 19:00
> SoulMate
- Live body painting
- Movement Exploration
3. RISE - 19:30
> Meraki
4. RELEASE - 8:00 p.m.
> Meraki
5. BEYOND - 21:00
> Martique
6. LIGHT - 21:30
> Live drums
7. HOME - 22:00
> Faro Alip (Live)

After Journey - 23:00
> Magic Mo

What you can also expect:
- Vision Gates
- Vibe Angels
- Warm Vegan Persian Food
- Glitter Fairy
- Healthy drink
- The Magic Bazar
- Conscious Talk
- So much more

- About 7 Vibes Journey -
7 Vibes Journey is a seven-stage party experience in the evening with a focus on electronic music, dance and a conscious lifestyle. A unique creation by local artists and musicians from Zurich in the Hive. Seven music genres from zero to one hundred, a dance journey from slowing down and discovery to parties and concerts. Each stage has its own speed and atmosphere accompanied by talented Vibe Masters. To fully feel the 7 Vibes Journey, it is best to simply experience it.

- Free rapid test stand -
We have a free rapid test stand at the entrance from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. (mouth swab). In order to avoid long waiting times, it is best to have yourself tested beforehand. (Bring ID & mobile phone). According to the requirements of the BAG, all club guests must have a Covid certificate with QR code as tested, recovered or vaccinated.

- Tree Entry -
In the spirit of sustainability, a tree is planted with the purchase of a ticket. "Tree Entry" is a non-profit organization that was founded in 2019 by 7 Vibes Journey. www.tree-entry.ch

- Tickets -
Ticket sale members (silver): CHF 30.-
Regular ticket sale: CHF 40.-
Box office: CHF 45.-

Connect Deeper - Party Higher!
Web: www.7vibesjourney.com
IG: www.instagram.com/7vibesjourney/
SC: www.soundcloud.com/7vibesjourney
FB: www.facebook.com/7vibesjourney
Email: info@7vibesjourney.com

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