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Kind & Kinky Zoo (Lausanne) - Funk, Psychedelic & Groovyness

In 2005, a new Zoo opened in Lausanne, Switzerland. Its wild animals have been going bananas in their quest to create a more dancefloor-friendly world. Watch out, when the Zoo comes in town, everything shuts down!

“Funky flute galore — and tunes that step out with an energy that’s hard to deny! " Dusty Groove USA

"Blow me if it isn’t some sort of crazy-ass, fuzz-heavy, flute-funk antics!" Monkeyboxing.com

"Kind & Kinky Zoo get fuzzy whenever they can, and their diverse influences draw from the aforementioned genres (afrobeat and psychedelia), as well as garage, rock and roll, and more. A freakout on all levels." Flea Market Funk

"Brilliant! Lovin' it!" Craig Charles, BBC 6

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lagerplatz 18, winterthur
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