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Pour Me Some Whiskey

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Added on 16 April 2021

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Gamma Vibes distributed by Visory Suisse
gamma vibes, blues rock, rock

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MHz, the first EP by Swiss rock band Gamma Vibes, contains in its five tracks the expression of an indomitable and unpredictable creative force, the concretisation of the continuous musical evolution of this young group.

More than two years of ideas, experimentation and emotions condensed into a single musical flow that expresses the personality of each of its characters: Dissonance, an angry guitar that confronts the horrors of war, The Stranger, a melancholic piano that challenges the duality of the soul, Take Me Back, a stream of unpredictable percussions challenged by wild sensations, Reckless, a carefree bass that breaks the mould, and Pour Me Some Whiskey, a rebellious and impetuous voice abandoned to its solitude.

From the rawness of hard rock to the sincerity of blues, MHz is a chance for Gamma Vibes to put themselves on the line, to make their voice heard, to spread their music like a wave of uncontrollable energy.

225 plays