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Take Me To The Moon feat. Valeria Stoica

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Added on 26 February 2021


Riding on the fast-growing hype around the release of “Take Me To The Moon”, Kadebostany strikes the crowning blow with the video clip of the same song.

The video introduces once again to a challenging new world that Guillaume de Kadebostany has been creating. The video clip showcases the death of Guillaume de Kadebostany, and takes us in a journey where singer Valeria Stoica travels with Guillaume de Kadebostany’s body in a surreal and singular world.

This time again, Guillaume de Kadebostany teamed up with his visionary visual ally, Turkish director Hasan Kuyucu, who previously worked on the videos of “Mind if I Stay” and the short movie “DRAMA – Act 1”.

The video was shot in 6 days in Switzerland, and highlights extraordinary and singular locations, such as the spectacular Peak Walk’s bridge, the beautiful lake of Joux,… With the collaboration and support from Switzerland Tourism.

Take Me To The Moon
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