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Added on 4 July 2021


As the Webster dictionary defines "DECEPTION" as "the act of causing someone to accept as true or valid what is false or invalid" or "the act of deceiving."

HOLY FIELD has gone back to the recording studio this time, with the SOFIA SESSION ORCHESTRA
with a message of hope for a better future based on honesty, integrity and truthfulness.

These unsettling times that we've all gone thru in the last few months have seen the rise of all sorts of moral, political and social deceit across the globe.
But better days are clearly on the horizon.
What was impossible before paved the way to what's possible today.

HOLY FIELD has always been about making great art and music and their new title embodies what this band is capable of achieving in Nu-Metal musically, technically and sub- culturally.

Year of creation
ShiverLand Productions
Felix Helfer

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