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Temporary Fix

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Added on 6 May 2021

Year of creation
PM Recordings Netherlands
indie pop, bedroom pop, alone, bedroom, contemporary, temporary fix

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Writing and producing across different continents might seem like a hard way of doing things but when it came to writing the contemporary pop ballad Temporary Fix, it felt like the most natural thing in the world.

Having already worked with each other individually in various forms on past projects, it felt like a natural progression to try and write something altogether. With our own personal experiences to draw from as well as the crazy world we found ourselves in during 2020, gradually a song emerged about the struggles we all face when the weight of the world feels too much, when we feel closed off from those we love. Temporary Fix talks of the universal truth that we are stronger together when we help, support, and love each other.

Just like the song says: “I’ll be here so let me carry you, you are not alone even when the cold wind hits, we don’t have to stand alone, we’re not just a temporary fix”.

12 plays