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Heavy State of Mind

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Added on 14 May 2021

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basel, zurich, diy, duo, londonbased, folktronica, electronica

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Combining gentle, reflective vocals with shimmering, organic electronica, IRJA have produced an emotionally rich sound; cerebral, melodic and heartfelt.
Single Heavy State of Mind, out on 14th May 2021, explores themes of a broken relationship and the impact it can have upon us. The weight we place on our shoulders can feel like we carry the whole world on them: whether we are the cause or effect. The track drifts beautifully from the opening bars as gently plucked guitar floats and flutters, sumptuously accented by dreamy vocals and hypnotic synths.
Comprised of Colin Lanz (vocals, guitar, synths) and Basil Steiner (drums, synths, backing vocals), IRJA formed after overhearing one another speak Swiss-German in a bar in London. Hitting it off immediately they set about writing and recording songs at home during the lockdown. The enforced restrictions meant they could only play drums with brushes, allowing the pair to take an orchestral approach to recording percussion. Recording several layers, the process resulted in the creation of a rich, textural sound that they can firmly call their own.

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