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Only dream of you

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Added on 1 October 2021

California Rain
Year of creation
Mickey Mess
folk, ramones, modernrock, pop, mickey mess

Credits and thanks

Mixed, mastered and produced at Mickey Mess Studios
Lyrics by Ryan Rayston (famous Ghost writer)

Heavens gates are flooded
With my calls for help
I keep praying I’ll wake up
And not be by myself

That you’ll be in my arms
In comfort fast asleep
A tiny smile on your lips
That I get a kiss to keep

But only - if someone hears my request for 911
I need my angel next to me
Before the morning sun

When I close my eyes
I only dream of you
If dreams to come true
I’ll be waking up in love with you

Humbled by a vision of you
Everytime I close my eyes
Lonely for your tender touch
Another night to fantasize

But only if someone hears my request for 911
Who can make my dreams come true
Before they come undone

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