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It's You

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Added on 1 October 2021

California Rain
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Mickey Mess
pop, modernrock, sex, ramones, mickey mess

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Recorded, mixed, mastered and produced at Mickey Mess Studios, Switzerland

It’s you
(Montreux, September 5 2002 (Mickey Mess a.k.a. Daniel Messerli Copyright 2002 ©)

What could I do in seven days
That I couldn’t do in a lifetime
What could I feel in one moment
That I was seeking near and far
What could I surrender
That I fought all my life to keep

It’s you
Oh babe…it’s you

Where could I disappear to
And find the reasons for the asking
Where could I go proclaiming
That which has eluded me all my life
Where could I fall
And not stop falling down, deep down

It’s you
Oh babe… it’s you

When would I be satisfied
And cry form happiness unending
When could my crimes be fewer
Than the waves of my desire
When could I live the moment
That only lasts a lifetime

It’s you
Oh babe… it’s you

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