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Broken Dreams

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Added on 1 October 2021

California Rain
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Mickey Mess
broken dreams, dreams, pop, modernrock, mickey mess

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Recorded, mixed, mastered and produced at Mickey Mess Studios, Switzerland

Broken Dreams
(( Basel, September 14 2002, Daniel Messerli Copyright © 2002))

Already night time
I played my Guitar
When Jenny and Katy
Walked by not too far
They stopped for a moment
And asked for a song
I was quite honored
And gladly played on

There was a warmth in Katy’s brown eyes
I felt right at home in familiar soft ways
I thought to myself, what a beautiful face
Here at the right time and in the right place

Broken Dreams, Life goes on
Broken Heart, Just try to go on
Broken Dreams, Life goes on
Maybe time could change all

We went for some coffee
And talked about things
Jenny’s been dreaming (Jenny’s been searching)
About angels who sing (For the meaning of life)
She had to go dancing
And had to leave soon
On the way to the station
They thanked for the song
And said
Love is like water, it comes in like waves
It hurts when it’s cold but warm the soul saves
Love is like pain and moves through me in waves
And when I’m not dying, it’s you that I crave

Broken Dreams, Life goes on
Broken Heart, just try to stay strong
Broken Dreams, Life goes on
Maybe Time could change it all

I feel so alone
Just how do I go on
Just one true love
Could maybe change it all
Where do I find
This love that’s meant for me
How much can I take
Before I break in three

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