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Added on 27 August 2021

EP "To be Pure"
Year of creation
Klang Wang Records
post-hardcore, pop-punk, emo, indie, punk

Credits and thanks

releases August 27, 2021
via klang wang records.

taken from the ep "to be pure"
out 22/10/2021

weak tyrant is:
ädu - guitars
chanti – drums, vocals
flo – vocals, guitars
gionsi – bass
remo – guitars

written and performed by weak tyrant
produced by remo häberli and weak tyrant
recorded, mixed and mastered by
remo häberli at hidden stash tonstudio
photos by christian eggimann
artwork and design by greta eggimann

weak tyrant would like to thank everyone who was part of the making of this record. special thanks to lukas bleuer from klang wang records.

searching for the green branch
he’s always passing by
a bag full of nothing I carry on
the content is not more than
empty thoughts and bleeding ashes
a bag full of nothing I carry on
while he is looking for
life pulls ahead

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