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Added on 25 October 2021

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NJP Music
dark pop, alpha, njp music, et, echotypes, urban, modern rock

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After Driving Off and Fallin’, ECHOTYPES releases their third single Alpha from their concept album “relations” on the 22nd of October. Noelle Bobst, Jeffrey Rulloda and Leoš Gerteis from NJP Music deliver a track right when the cold, dark side of autumn starts.

Alpha explores the inner conflict between good and bad, the light and dark sides of life. The song’s intro is mysterious, packed with sound design, followed by a distinct synth melody, taking the listener straight into mystical spheres. Jeffrey brings out the contrast with his sensitive vocals, together with Noelle's voice cleverly woven into the sound. The voices support feelings of division, creating an almost eerie atmosphere. Driven by modern beats with trap elements and rhythmically phrased pop vocals, Alpha reaches its climax in the break with heavy guitar riffs, played by Henning Frenzel. The final part develops into a chase that is literally conjured up with “Run, run, you better run” in the lyrics.

With this third song, ECHOTYPES showcases another musical feature where we discover something new, everytime we hit play. Every song in “relations” is a journey leading to unexpected musical and emotional destinations.

Performed by ECHOTYPES
Produced and written by Noelle Bobst, Jeffrey Rulloda and Leoš Gerteis
Mixed and mastered by Leoš Gerteis at NJP STUDIOS
Guitars by Henning Frenzel
Animation: Noah Moor
Artwork: Leoš Gerteis

© 2021 ECHOTYPES published by NJP Music

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