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That's What We Are

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Added on 4 November 2021


That's What We Are is another track from this year's album "Angels are Real". A story from the film noir, in which love and drama are close to each other. Emotional and performed with patos, the track drives forward and the drama takes its course.

"Pilots of the Daydreams" play powerful and expressive rock music. The sound should not be understood as vintage or retro, but as a modern version of it. The three Swiss put value on spherical and energetic arrangements of their own brand and captivate with distinctive vocals. According to their own statements, the music is not fast food, but "handmade" with a long-term effect for rock enthusiasts. The musicians come from eastern Switzerland. The current line-up consists of: Marco Predicatori (lead vocals & guitars), Walo Bortoletto (bass), Biagio Anania (drums & percussions). "Pilots of the Daydreams" are a reason for the change of heart rate, increase the pulse and flood the veins of the audience with "high-energy rock".

Angels Are Real
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Marco Predicatori
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