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Liberal Romance

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Added on 6 November 2021


Liberal Romance is a song about queer love and the joy of alternative relationship models. The protagonist is torn between the need for a loving partner and the urge to experience romantic adventures with other people. He wants to break the loop of falling in and out of love by choosing to live an open relationship. "Because honey, the sun shines for everyone."

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Romeo Oliveras
dance, alternative, love, gay, relationship, queerpop, queer

Credits and thanks

It was a blast! Thank you all for this amazing experience.

Special thanks to the artists:
- Marcelo Letra for tutoring my choreography skills and your endless support from the first draft until the final video.
- Nina Holenstein for being a true friend I I can always share my liberal romance stories with.
- Nicolo Soller for your contagious energy and being on board before even really knowing what it is about.

A huge thank you to all professionals involved:
- Yannik Sandhofer for producing the song and creating the best bassline ever.
- Noah Ayer for doing an absolutely amazing job filming and editing the video.
- Karl Erdmann for the awesome light and providing your laser license (that’s really a thing).

And it would not have been half as fun without these lovely people:
- Patric Maurer for just being there for me throughout the whole process.
- Tanja Müller for playing the same song over and over again.
- Hannah Kündig for providing cold beer when we all really needed one.

87 plays