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Added on 19 November 2021

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With their new song “Apologies”, ECHOTYPES opens a new chapter in their album. Contrary to the song’s title, the track is upbeat and feel-good about reconciliation and gratitude.
‍The song opens to piano music and a crackling fireplace in a cozy living room. But the warm atmosphere is ruined by their troubled neighbours: an arguing couple. The track changes to a soulful, funky beat and with a touch of Motown. Jeffrey, lead singer of this song, talks about the little arguments and misunderstandings that occur in every relationship.
He apologizes for his missteps in the soothing chorus.

Fuzz guitars and a groovy bassline form the core of this production. This is especially pronounced during the bridge. Drawing from many traditions in music, “Apologies” has sounds stretching from ’80s elements through the ‘90s and even with today’s trends. Prior to “Apologies,” ECHOTYPES previously released “Driving Off,” “Fallin’,” and “Alpha.” Many of the themes from these songs revolve around departure and dissatisfaction, as well as doubt and hope. Their latest single, “Apologies” in their album “relations,” however, reveals a new chapter: recognition and reconciliation.

Performed by ECHOTYPES
Produced and written by Noelle Bobst, Jeffrey Rulloda and Leoš Gerteis
Mixed and mastered by Leoš Gerteis at NJP STUDIOS
Guitars by Henning Frenzel

© 2021 ECHOTYPES published by NJP Music

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