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Added on 23 November 2021

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synth, electric guitar, singer, 80s, vaporwave, newwave, funky, synthwave, synthpop, rnb

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Dedicated to Elisa S.

After all, I miss You anyway.


You are the drug that changed my Life
Because of You, I can barely fall asleep in the night
Smooth as a good lover can be
I know there is always something warmer than me

I turn the lights off while I’m closing my eyes
I start thinking about the past and that wonderful time
We first met at school, I didn’t know what to do
Now I’m wondering why I didn’t show how much I loved You

Now let’s get together ‘cause I understood
You wanted it all so soon, but I want You

I want You smooth as a good lover can be
I know there is always something hotter than me

Then we had some chats and I saw You from my room
And suddenly I would dream about - You know - something new
Where I’m holding, kissing, stripping, touching, having fun with You
But it seems that I’ve waited too long to make it through

Oh no I can’t forget that feeling inside me, so I wanna know
If that thrill is gone, ‘cos I do want You

I want it smooth as good lovers do
I know there is no one else that’s hotter than You


Now You don’t want me anymore
And I’m here, all alone
So I will wait
‘till another pussy comes home


released January 25, 2020
Marco L. Nisato - Vocals, Electric Guitar
Lyrics by Marco L. Nisato
Engineered and produced by Marco L. Nisato

Vocals have been recorded at the Basement Studio - Vicenza, Veneto, Italy. www.basementgroup.it

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