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Grapefruit Juice

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Added on 23 November 2021

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newwave, electric guitar, singer, synth, synthpop, 80s, future funk, funkwave, synthwave, vaporwave

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A summer story made of Love, Synths and Ice Drinks.


The World wakes me up with another bright and sunny day
Laying on the sand, we look to each other with nothing to say
I still remember every little thing of that starry night
There was nobody but You and I

Oh Yeah!

We went outside, running on the beach
A cherry scent, coming from Your shining skin
Hand in hand, with the sunset on the sea
We were making Love, living our dream

I’m not feeling down
Even if I have run out of

Grapefruit Juice (I cannot let You go)
Grapefruit Juice (You know, I love You so)
Grapefruit Juice (Don’t leave me Girl, no)
Because everything is sweeter with You
Because everything is sweeter with You

And before that, we were dancing
Like a dancing fire, I felt my heart was melting
Drowning in desire, you pushed your body against me, yeah!
And now, I want you to tell me
If We can make it one more time
Could this be the best day of our Life?
Of our Life?


Yeah, let’s stay together
and forget about that

Grapefruit Juice (I cannot let You go)
Oh no, I cannot let You go (You know, I love You so)
I love you, I love you! You know that! (Oh, don’t leave me Girl, no)

And forget about this place too because
What really matters is You


released July 17, 2020
Marco L. Nisato - Vocals, Electric Guitar
Lyrics by Marco L. Nisato
Engineered and produced by Marco L. Nisato

Vocals have been recorded at Velvet Recording Studio - Mestre, Venice, Veneto, Italy. https://www.facebook.com/velvetstudiomestre1/

J25 logo by Alex Kot neonretrowave.com

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