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I Wanna FuNk You

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Added on 23 November 2021

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synth, bass, electric guitar, songwriter, singer, 80s, synthpop, synthwave, funky

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That look in your eyes
That grin in your face
You know that I want it
Right now, in that place

My breath is getting fast
I can barely think of anything else
I'm losing control
but I don't mind at all

I should be the predator
Now I feel like your prey
I am under your possession
And my Spirit starts to pray

Please don't punish me
Cause I don't wanna hurt You
The only thing that I feel is
I wanna funk You

You caught me in a trance
There is no way out
And I want to scream it
And shout it out loud

I like it, I love it
I'm Your pleasure tool
But if You want a go-getter
Let me be in control too because

We need to
And resonate
To the same Love Frequency
That will set us free
They can have a lil' fun but
Passion is only for two
And we all know where
This will lead us to

Come here baby, let's move on
This frenzy is very strong
There's not so much time left
...We need to be fast

The best is here and now
(Let's do it!
Can You feel it?
Yeah baby, give it to me)

Gimme your Love because
I wanna fuNk You!
Yes, I really wanna fuNk You


released March 21, 2021
Marco L. Nisato - Vocals, Clean electric guitar, Bass
Lyrics by Marco L. Nisato
Engineered and produced by Marco L. Nisato

Vocals, guitar and bass have been recorded at Centro Studi Musicali della Svizzera Italiana - Lugano, Switzerland.

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Tape Recorder.wav by Pogotron / freesound.org freesound.org/people/Pogotron/sounds/61075

Artwork by Marco L. Nisato www.deviantart.com/marcolnisato
Electromagnetic Lungs by Chequered Ink / DaFont.com www.dafont.com/electromagnetic-lungs.font

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