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My Last Day On This Planet

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Added on 23 November 2021

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synth, electric guitar, backing vocals, songwriter, singer, 80s, newwave, vaporwave, synthwave, synthpop

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When I’ll be gone
Everything will be silent
Very few moments before going above
What I have done
It really doesn’t matter
I’m just a messenger wandering alone
I’ve lived my life
Between sounds and noises
Comfortable feelings that never lie
Wasted my time
Made too many choices
But now it’s time to say goodbye

This will be my last day on this planet

What will be left
Few treats for the sheeple
Mediocre enjoyment for useless lives
And I
Will finally experience
The brightest enlightenment
Day and night

This will happen my last day on this planet

I’ll be there
Where silence resides
And all will be beautiful to my eyes
You will stay
No heaven on hell
You don’t know what you’re gonna lose, my friend


released October 8, 2021
Synths and drum sampler have been with Pure Data

Cover art based on "They're waiting for me" www.deviantart.com/marcolnisato/art/They-re-Waiting-For-Me-894245087

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