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Added on 22 January 2022

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First song in the project #yana - You Are Not Alone
This song is about loneliness and a part of a message for the awareness of mental health. Remember that you are not alone and there is somebody to talk to. Everybody is struggling sometimes, somehow and sharing makes it easier.

FB: @unchained.band.official
IG: @unchained.band.official

Mental Health Support:
Telefonseelsorge 0800 111 01 11
SeeleFon 0180 5 950 951
Headspace, moodpath, MindDoc

Mixing by Dave Leonard
Mastering by Henning Riez
Video by PINSKI&PAVLOV PRODUKTION www.pipapro.com

Desperation is what I am
Reservation is my plan
Lost in my own fucked up mind
I am just one of this kind

Iʼm floating through the sea
there is nothing around me
I take this for a sign
what it was had not to be mine

Taking it for granted what was never be sure
The way I planned it was not meant for more

wallowing in desperation
forsaken in seperation

Lonely through the ocean
determined for me
a quest for devotion
it was not meant to be

My behavior seam to scare all
Iʼm still not ready to crawl
I have driven you all away
lonely Iʼm destined to stay

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