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Moonshine Faces

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Added on 1 February 2022

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touching, voice, bass, warm, careful, beautiful, feelings, love, soul, soulful, deep, dramatic, tranquil, reflective, hopeful, thankful, heart, heartfelt, melodic, peaceful, peace, calm, moon, wonderful, fearless, emotional, pop, ballade

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A slow pop ballade about the feeling of deep love, about let go of the fear of being lonely. The song is about feeling peace and not running away from difficult feelings.

Simone Häuselmann: Lead Vocals, Lyrics, Artwork, Arrangement
Rainer Schudel: Guitar, Bass, Keyboard, Backingvocals, Arrangement, Composing
Produced by We Two
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at RAINERTON 2021
© We Two 2022 All Rights Reserved

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