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Move on for Real

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Added on 18 April 2022

Move on for Real (Single)
Year of creation
iMD Klangfaktur
jazzrock, electrojazz, oldschoolrap, oldschool, rap, nujazz, spoken word

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Wolkenpark feat. Julio Mwansa Nkowane a.k.a. ROOTWORDS on Spoken Word.
«Move on for Real» was recorded in spring 2021 while Corona had destroyed all live gigs. These were live recordings at Klangfaktur Recording Studio, two to four takes for each track which built the base of the full album.
The track was originally composed by Jean-Pierre Schaller as instrumental. Later Julio Mwansa Nkowane, better known as Rootwords, wrote deep lyrics to the heavy drum‘n‘bass beat, which culminates in a big brass orchestra arranged by Julien Boss and Christoph Flueler.

19 plays