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Kisses And Smoke

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Added on 31 March 2022

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NJP Music
relations, swiss, njp music, echotypes, summer, pop, indie

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Exhilarating Indie-Sound from ECHOTYPES

Being in the moment: falling in love amidst an intoxicating summer night. Letting go without having to worry about tomorrow.
This is what ECHOTYPES is bringing into their new song called “Kisses and Smoke.”
Organic sounds and strumming guitars bring up the feeling of being free and staying out in nature.
Noelle’s voice, pleasantly warm and calm, carries the song with ease.
She lives in a dreamscape where is living in the moment and simply forgetting the world behind her.
When dawn breaks, that rush is over but the memories remain.

In contrast to ECHOTYPES’ previous songs, their latest track takes us into a new direction.
Keeping the cinematic flair, Kisses And Smoke uses less electronic and more natural instruments,
thus the sound has a more "indie" vibe.

Performed by ECHOTYPES
Produced and written by Noelle Bobst, Jeffrey Rulloda, Leoš Gerteis
Mixing & Mastering Engineer: Leoš Gerteis
Recording & Mixing, Mastering Studio: NJP Studios

© 2022 ECHOTYPES published by NJP Music

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