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Open Waters

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Added on 30 June 2022

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NJP Music

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Summer vibes with ECHOTYPES

Warming rays of sunshine, walks on the beach
and mild summer nights with a drink in hand - That's what ease and freedom feel like. ECHOTYPES’ ninth single 'Open Waters' is dedicated to that motto. Noelle with her lighthearted voice sets a holiday mood: To just let go and enjoy the moment, shake off all worries and immerse oneself in an own world.
The wide ocean is reflected in this piece through nostalgic guitar pads. The bubbling sounds and floating synths are reminiscent of the '90s, thus turn this dance track into an ageless feel-good song.

Performed by ECHOTYPES
Produced and written by Noelle Bobst, Jeffrey Rulloda, Leoš Gerteis
Mixing & Mastering Engineer: Leoš Gerteis
Recording & Mixing, Mastering Studio: NJP Studios

© 2022 ECHOTYPES published by NJP Music

13 plays