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Lost In The City

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Added on 19 May 2022

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Lost in the cosmopolitan cities of the world

In the latest song, Jeffrey remembers his time in Berlin and Manila.
Smashing Drums, rhythm guitars and alarming sounds: The new track by ECHOTYPES is all about the fast-paced and urban metropolises, where Jeffrey spent his early twenties. The overwhelming experience inspired him to write the first line of the song: ‘Lost In The City’.

At the tender age of 20 and to pursue his dreams and love for music, Jeffrey moved from his sheltered home in Appenzell to the fancy and noisy metropolis of Berlin. Entirely on his own and barely over his first cultural shock, his adventure soon drew him to Manila, the capital of the Philippines. Although his original roots are from there, he was overwhelmed by its contrasting culture and way of life: he sometimes felt alone, disoriented and on top of that he lost his heart to a local woman.
He recorded the demo track in his studio apartment - Jeffrey remembers it clearly: "It felt like 35° in this small room and I couldn't turn off the noisy air conditioner while I was recording my vocals. I’ll never forget that session, as I sat there soaking wet after that.”

The result is an energetic, groovy song; Pure Pop and R&B with catchy melodies and rhythmically phrased verses. The track is taken to the extreme in the bridge part, when Noelle comes with a breathy, spoken voice - as the saying goes: "more drama baby!".

Performed by ECHOTYPES
Produced and written by Noelle Bobst, Jeffrey Rulloda, Leoš Gerteis
Mixing & Mastering Engineer: Leoš Gerteis
Recording & Mixing, Mastering Studio: NJP Studios
Guitars: Henning Frenzel

© 2022 ECHOTYPES published by NJP Music

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